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CPD is defined as “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the competent execution of professional and technical duties throughout a professional’s working life”.

CPD is important as Environmental Health Professionals (EHPs) can no longer rely on their initial qualifications to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and practices to tackle the environmental health challenges posed by environmental and health changes, technological and social change, community expectations and government policy directions. EHPs must take individual responsibility for lifelong learning, continuing development and career progression.


  1. It is EHPA policy to establish and implement a Continuing Professional Development Scheme for its members;
  1. CPD may be suspended in cases of extended leave (e.g. maternity or long service leave) on application by a member;
  1. It is EHPA policy that all members undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure that knowledge and skills are improved and these, in turn, are used to develop and improve professional practice;
  1. It is EHPA policy that CPD is a prerequisite for members wishing to participate in the  Certified Professional of Environmental Health (CPEH) Scheme.

Operation of the CPD Program

The CPD scheme requires participants to earn 70 CPD points over a two (2) year time period (pro rata for part time). These points are earned by undertaking a range of CPD activities including: attendance at conferences, seminars and training courses, involvement in the management activities of the EHPA or other professional bodies, post-graduate studies, publication or presentation of papers. It is recognised that professional development can be undertaken in a wide range of subject areas, including technical and management topics and personal development activities.

Participants in the scheme are to maintain a log-book that is submitted to the Executive Officer at the completion of their 2-year cycle and at any time be prepared to have their log books audited and be called upon to provide further evidence of CPD. A minimum of 10% of log-books would be audited by the EHPA CPD Committee.

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